Truman Boot Company in Boulder

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Truman Boot Company in Boulder
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Started in 2014 by founder, Vince Romano, Truman Boot Company got it start in rural Pennsylvania. Directly after the initial launch, sales took off rather rapidly and soon the company outgrew the small horse barn it was started in. With several cities as options, the choice was made to move to Boulder, Colorado for several reasons. One being the local support for this kind of company, and two being that Colorado had a progressive manufacturing industry where the economy was growing as rapidly as Truman was.

The brand is named after Border Collie, "Truman." With the landrace heritage of the Border Collie and the work ethic of Truman himself, it seemed a fitting name for a brand that was born out of necessity.

Influenced by American workwear, heritage tradecraft and western culture, our boots are built by skilled boot makers in Boulder, Colorado. We believe in offering good-paying jobs to good people to transform the standards of the new American labor workforce.

The decision to keep our production in Colorado stems from personal experiences. Consumers have never been so far removed from the products they purchase as they are now. With the organic food movement as the forefront to change that, we feel the company needs to made here in Colorado, by us. Designed, patterned, graded and produced by the same people wearing them, it's important that we constantly strive to revive and improve an industry that died years ago.