The Wax Factory

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The Wax Factory
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Wax Services
No appointments required
Contact store for current pricing information.

Walk -in at your own convenience

Wax Service Service time Cost

Brazilian Wax                             10 Minutes

Eyebrow Wax                             3 Minutes

Lip Wax                                      3 Minutes

Chin Wax                                   4 Minutes

Ear Wax                                      5 Minutes

Face Wax                                  10 Minutes

Bikini Wax                                 5 Minutes

French Wax                               7 Minutes

Under Arm Wax                       5 Minutes

Half Arm Wax                          10 Minutes

Full Arm Wax                          15 Minutes

Stomach Wax                          10 Minutes

Back Wax                                  15 Minutes

Chest Wax                                 15 Minutes

Half Leg Wax                            10 Minutes

Full Leg Wax                             25 Minutes

Full Body Wax                           1 Hour


3 Brazilian Waxes
6 Brazilian Waxes
6 Eyebrow Waxes
Bikini Waxes

3+ Body Wax Combo - 15% off