Studio K Music in Loveland

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Studio K Music in Loveland
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Your Music. Your Style.
Our music studio is truly committed to this heart. This is more than just a cute saying we came up with. It resonates in the core of who we are in and out of business . . . .

We care about EACH student. This goes beyond their talent or their ability. It’s the person as whole. Out of that – we can tweak the lesson plans, sense what each student is really trying to accomplish, and really cater goals for them based out of an understanding of their needs. We can do this because we are committed to helping each student grow in confidence that translates beyond their music and into their everyday world. I’ve seen this happen on every level and in every age group. I’m committed to seeing it happen time and again. And the day that I don’t see it happening is the day this business will not last. Therefore, I fight for that feeling and remind myself that it is why I do what I do. This is the heart behind our music lessons and what we hope you see every time you are at our studio.

Multiple Teachers. More Options.
Our goal at our music studio is to help you find the right teacher both in style, and connection. We want you to be getting the most knowledgeable person in your instrument. And you’ll also benefit from the fact that if one person doesn’t know – one of us will! And when you really see the full affect of this team effort – it’s at our recitals. Recitals is where all of our work as a team pays off. It’s where everyone, teachers and students, really shine. This is the beauty of collaborating.

Building Your Life Confidence.
We know that students are more likely to practice if they have something to work towards. On top of that, they are more likely to want to perform if the event is unique or different from the average recital. So our heart is to make performing a positive experience. We love going to coffee shops, performing at a gallery, or most of all – in the studio’s backyard! Our hope is that the music performances add to what each student is working hard to accomplish and fuel them to keep learning. and in the end – make them a more confident musician and add to their overall confidence in themselves.