Sol19 Yoga Studio in Longmont

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Sol19 Yoga Studio in Longmont
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Sol: sun, light.
A generative force that fuels all living things.
“Because you are light, you are always creating, and always transforming, and always evolving.” - Don Miguel Ruiz.

Light provides information in order for us to perceive our surroundings as a reflection of divinity.
The more aware of light we are, the more we become the truest reflection of our good selves.
The number nineteen is a combination of the properties of 1 and 9.
1 being symbolic of uniqueness, independence, and striving toward progress. New beginnings start with 1 and require the ambition and will power of devoted leaders.
The number 9 carries energies of the universal spiritual laws: dharma, karma, intuition, problem-solving, and divine life purpose. It is also symbolic of endings, making 19 a number of endings leading to new beginnings.

We believe that our studio is a container for the infectious light of our community.
Through yoga we unite this light in confidence that it will leak out into the world
to inspire others to be radiant, healthy, and embodied through this special practice.