Prospect New Town - Sales Office

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Prospect New Town - Sales Office
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Where Modern + Traditional Come Together
When Prospect’s developer, Kiki Wallace, bought the farm from his family,
his goal was to build a distinctive project which would minimize negative impacts on the land.
He hired the firm of Duany Plater-Zyberk (DPZ),
the internationally recognized planners of Seaside (Florida) and Kentlands (Maryland) to give form to his vision.
The result is a uniquely livable blend of traditional and modern planning concepts, built out in a broad range of architectural styles.

An Antidote To Suburban Sprawl
The New Urbanist planning movement proposes an antidote
to conventional and sprawling suburban development, which is characterized by oversized front yards;
wide, featureless streets; and inhospitable house fronts dominated by huge garage doors.

Parks + Amenities Mix with Restaurants, Shops + Offices
In common with other New Urbanist communities,
Prospect instead features narrow tree-lined streets
connecting homes to numerous parks and public amenities, shops and offices.
Home types include detached houses, townhouses, courtyard houses, apartments, and live/work lofts.
Mature trees have been planted along Prospect’s streets
and in its parks to provide the shade and privacy typical of an established community.