Discover Affordable Marketing

Discover affordable marketing for your business with a Google virtual tour.

A Google virtual tour brings potential customers inside your business, even when you are not there.
When a potential customer is searching for a service or product like yours, they will find multiple choices.
These same customers are more likely to choose your business, when they can see inside with a Google virtual tour.

Panoramic prices vary depending on how many camera / panoramic locations your particular business requires.
I will make every attempt to maximize use space with the fewest number of panoramas possible.

Highly recommended:  Host on your website for terrific website content.
(Ask me or your web designer about the benefits of a lower “bounce rate”.)

Google Virtual Tours for Business:
New updated price option:
Now available – one time fee or monthly fee with FREE updates annually.
One time fee now available – $100.00 for first panorama & $60.00 each additional panorama afterwards.
Prices start at just $19.00 per month, with additional camera locations priced at just $5.00 each, per month.
Additional panoramas locations should be located maximum of 15′ apart & at all corners in tour layout.
This comes with FREE hosting on Google Search, Google Maps & your Google+ Local Page.
Click on the links below to see a detailed floor plan, showing what web visitors will see inside a typical business.

3 Panoramic Locations.
$19.00 per month with FREE annual updates – if needed.
Perfect for a very small business that wants the exposure, or as a starter tour for a larger business.
3 panoramas will show exterior Storefront, Lobby & (1) interior panoramas.

5 Panoramic Locations.

$29.00 per month with FREE annual updates – if needed.
This 5 pano tour will showcase your exterior storefront, Lobby & 3 linked interior locations.
5 panoramas will give a little more coverage – such as Storefront, Lobby & (3) Interior panoramas.

10 Panoramic Locations.
$54.00 per month with FREE annual updates – if needed.
Multiple Panoramics locations will offer your online visitors an easy way to see what you have to offer, 24 hours a day.
10 panoramas will give even more coverage – for those locations where you want customers to see deep into your location – virtually.

50 Panoramic Locations.

$270.00 per month.
Your virtual tour layout is customized by location to showcase the exact features the owner wants to display.

Custom Tours:
Need a custom tour with all the bells & whistles? No problem.
Custom tours go beyond a simple display & can include many different features, as needed.
Audio & visual hotspots bring your virtual tour to life with narration & perhaps a short video.
Branded with your logo, with clickable links to your home page, Facebook, or other links as needed.
Dropdown menu allows visitors to immediately select the part of your store they are most interested in.
This customization allows you to create a marketing piece, that is effective & interactive.
Works best for large businesses with many different departments or for real estate.
Each custom tour is priced individually as they are unique & tailored to your specific needs.
You will know the full price after our consultation, which determines what will work best for you.

* Gasoline surcharge.
Longmont to Denver = $15.00
Longmont to Colorado Springs = $30.00
Equivalent distances are priced similarly.

In addition to panoramas,
Pure Panoramics can also provide traditional still images designed to capture key aspects of your business, for additional fee:
Storefront, Signage, Interior Overview, Awards & Accolades, Menus Hours of operation, specialty items, etc.
After payment, you receive full copyright license to use these images in any of your future marketing efforts !!!