MAC Equipment in Longmont

At the bottom of the page are 2 versions of the virtual tour for MAC Equipment in Longmont, using 3 panoramic images.
(3 pano tour meets Google’s minimum requirements for a virtual tour. All tours must contain at least 2 exterior panos & one interior pano.)
Since you can easily link to it, you can share it on your social media, with email contacts, or in other digital displays.
This becomes much more powerful as a marketing tool, since you can make it work for you!

Google style virtual tour:
Appears on Google Search, Google Maps & the Google+ Local Page for your business.
Photo gallery (10 to 15 images) on Google+ Local Page included.
You retain copyrights & full license to use all images in your photo gallery for any future marketing endeavor.
No monthly or annual fees – only a 1 time photography service fee – More affordable than nearly any other form of marketing.
Price for Google style – 3 pano – virtual tour is just a one time fee of $199.00.
(3 pano tour MUST include the following locations – 10′ outside front entrance / 4′ outside front entrance / 4′ inside front entrance
Additional pano locations available with increased fee per pano – approximately $75.00 each, with volume discount available)
Auto rotation only appears on Google tour, when it is embedded & viewed inside your website! – $24.99 extra.)

Custom tours offer these additional features:
Great way to spruce up your website with new & interesting content.
Content can be updated as needed – perfect for business’s with seasonal merchandise.
Company logo emblazoned on virtual tour & linked directly to company website.
“Right-Click” menu can display link to company website & Facebook page or additional links.
Custom drop-down navigation helps visitors find exactly what they are looking for.
Photo gallery shows potential customers more of what you have to offer.
Video & audio hotspots available – educate your customers about your services.
Music soundtracks available – makes the virtual tour more entertaining.
Little Planet introduction.
Auto rotation included – no additional cost.
Custom tour adds 50% of initial cost to overall investment.
Custom tours incur an annual fee of $24.99 – only $2.08 per month.

It is highly recommended to embed your virtual tour directly into your website.
Visitors spend more time on your website which reduces “Bounce Rate”
& increased time on your website shows Google more relevance, which may increase your rankings.

Google style  virtual tour for MAC Equipment in Longmont.
Custom style virtual tour for MAC Equipment in Longmont.
(Due to high file count in custom tours,
we recommend opening both tours at same time in 2 separate tabs.
Then view Google style first, while custom tour loads.)